About Comfortech

Comfortech is where great branding and great design meet.

We’re in the business of solving life’s little annoyances with unique product solutions – our designs are about function, fun, and flare.

Director Shiva Palani draws on his experience in the business development and branding spheres to drive Comfortech’s vision. What’s a great idea without a great implementation strategy?

When we design a product, we’re not just looking at specifications and measurements, we’re telling a story – a story about the lifestyle and attitude of real people. After all, if you’re not paying attention to your end users and their needs, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Join us in building innovative, appealing narratives, manifested as physical objects.

We love signing on for the full ride – we want to be there with you from the beginning, skipping arm in arm through the rolling fields of brand strategy, product design, and ultimately a wildly successful launch.

You know the lifestyle story you’re telling your customers; let us help bring it into the physical world. Our aesthetic sense seamlessly aligns with your brand identity. Not to brag, but we’re pioneers of material sourcing, and we’re not scared to look at unusual avenues to bring your product to fruition (lateral logic leaps are one of our specialties).

Whatever your goals and budget, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get making!

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